Street photography

Abercynon 1988, In Training.

The year was 1988, it was our first trip back home after emigrating to Australia in 1982. When we arrived it was cold and wet, but even back then I had a sense of missing it. I know, a little daft.

One day after having one too many cups of tea I had to get out on my own with the camera. So hoping into the car I made a short trip up the road from Pontypridd, as that's where we were staying, with my wife's parents until we went back up the road to stay with my parents in Merthyr Tydfil. Gosh we were having a great holiday, to Abercynon to make this little series of images from around the now closed pit head and railway station and a wonder around the roads, just looking. It was so lovely to look at things with my very Welsh eye, but from a new outlook at what was/is my heritage.

Back in the 80's that first decade of Australia I just couldn't make pictures. I would go out point the camera spend a lot of money on film, but nothing. The beauty of the places, the light bright colours, golden sandy beaches, ever so lovely for a holiday and that's pretty much what it was to us through that time. The only images I have of any merit, other than personal family snaps are these that are still giving me pleasure to look at, you can call it nostalgia if you like, I just see it differently. I see them as my training ground.

Now I'm older, spent more time living in Australia than I did in Wales I still haven't lost my want to be back there making pictures desire, but my eye has changed, I now have ideas that one day, hopefully I can initiate. In the mean time I will keep moving forward and making pictures.