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Keep moving.

Keep moving.

About Neville Prosser

My first real camera was a soviet Zenit E SLR, the one before that was a Kodak Instamatic 133. I used to love walking around making pictures with those cameras, everything was a possible picture for me. Waiting for the film to come back from the chemist seemed to take ages. I have been hooked ever since.

I have been chased by crocodiles, been in the same pen as very big Indian tigers, sat on the floor in front of cobra snake's, didn't like that very much. Photographed million dollar ocean yachts was seasick doing that and while shooting deep-sea fishing. Photographed Prime Ministers, two of them, Bob Hawke and Malcolm Fraser, Hollywood actors, F18 fighter pilots, musicians, hung out of helicopters. I have been sponsored by Fuji, Ilford, Noblex Cameras, Formatt HiTech Filters plus a few more. I have been published, self published, shot the most ripped off and stolen picture on the net, has to be, by the amount of people using it.

As a Christian I take delight in this incredible beautiful world that we all live in so I'm passionate about photographing it as much as I can. It is the light that moves me, of course the one true and only light is Christ Himself so when I see light I see Him, as you would have seen, my work is very diverse as I love all aspects of creating pictures no matter the subject. Heavily influenced by art, artists, in particular J. M. W Turner who's paintings for me reveal light in all it's majesty.

As an old school photographer I make as many necessary adjustment's in camera before the processing stage, then using Capture One Pro to achieve only what the camera couldn't. As photography is a form of art, to complete an art piece it takes a lot of different steps, so I enjoy all stages of image creation. Who better to know what final look your image should reflect and how your idea is to be shown in the best possible way?